Office 365 - Exchange - Google Workspace - No Additional Charge

A Complementary Status Board Display for your Office

Once you set up your Meeting Room displays, you can add an overview display in a couple of minutes, for free. Save $500+ / year.

Connect your Meeting Rooms.

Set up your Meeting Room displays in Meeting Room 365.

Create a Status Board

Customize with your logo, brand color, language, and theme options.

No Additional Fee

We never charge for your status board display, only meeting rooms.

Perfect for Wayfinding

Status board displays are the fastest way for employees to find an available meeting room.

Find Rooms Quickly

Place status board displays in highly-trafficked areas, so your team can confirm their meeting locations quickly.

Stunning Brand Visualization

Show visitors your team gets things done, in real time. Customize the look & feel to match your company's brand.

Communicate When and Where

Easily locate the closest-available meeting room with the equipment you need, for the correct duration.

List Locations & Equipment

List the Location and Equipment available in each meeting space, so everyone finds the right room.

Easy-to-understand Availability

See how many minutes your room is available for. Yellow for a few minutes, or green for longer durations.