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Getting Started Guide for Office 365

Getting Started Guide for Office 365

Setting up your first meeting rooms for Office 365

Office 365 Meeting Room Display

In this article, we'll cover the entire process for setting up Meeting Room displays for Office 365. The first portion of this guide occurs in the Office 365 Admin Portal. So, if you rely on another IT administrator to manage your Office 365 tenant, you'll want to include that person for step 1.

Project Outline:

Create Room Resource Mailboxes in Office 365
Create Meeting Room Displays in Meeting Room 365
Set up hardware in your office

Step One: Create Room Resource Mailboxes in Office 365

The first (and most complicated) step is to create your resource mailboxes in Office 365. Each meeting room in your space will need to be assigned a Resource Mailbox from the Office 365 Admin Portal.

This gives it a unique email address and calendar, which will accept and manage meeting invites on behalf of your room.

The tricky part is at the end: you will need to perform a password reset to retrieve (or create) a password for each resource mailbox.

The password reset process is identical to the password reset process for any other user on your Exchange Online tenant. Each Resource Mailbox consists of a user, a mailbox, a calendar, and the automation features which distinguish it from a normal (licensed) user account.

An in-depth guide can be found here.

Step Two: Create Meeting Room Displays in Meeting Room 365

Next, you will create your Meeting Room displays in Meeting Room 365.

There is a wizard which can be accessed from the Meeting Room 365 Admin Portal, to provision a new Meeting Room display for Office 365.

Meeting Room 365 Admin Portal

Click the New Display button in the bottom left menu, on the admin portal, and select Office 365.

Next, you will be guided through the process of setting up a resource mailbox (if you haven't already), sign into Office 365 (with your resource mailbox credentials), and finally given a Display Key, which you can use to set up your tablet display.

You can also choose to use a service user if you like, to authenticate all of your resource mailboxes at once. You will need to authorize the Service User to access your resource mailboxes in Azure AD / Entra ID. Read this article for more details.

Step Three: Set up Hardware in your Office

The final step is to download the Meeting Room 365 app from the app store of choice for your display (Apple App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon App Store).

Enter your Display Key in the App to set up a new Display

When prompted, select Enter Display Key, and enter your display key.

Tip: You can use spaces and arbitrary capitalization to make entering the key easier, especially on devices with auto-correct turned on. Meeting Room 365 will strip these details out automatically.

Hardware Configuration

You may wish to see a device specific guide for more details on hardware configuration.
They are listed below:

iPad / iOS Setup Guide
Android Tablet Setup Guide
Amazon Fire OS Tablet Setup Guide

That’s it! If you’re stuck, you can always contact us from your admin portal, and we can help you out with setup, configuration, and provisioning.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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