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Integrating Status LEDs with Meeting Room Displays

Hardware which supports software tones

Many hardware solutions support status LEDs by playing software tones through the device's speaker. We fully support these devices and can help you set up an integration using the advanced configuration keys availableTone and occupiedTone.

Please reach out to your hardware vendor for more details on how your device can be configured with audible tones.

Hardware vendor support

There are no public APIs to integrate with status LEDs in Android, or iOS. LEDs are unsupported peripherals that require their own custom software, drivers, etc.

Because of this, we are completely reliant on hardware vendor support for integrating LEDs, which is typically non-existent.

If you would like to integrate hardware LEDs from your device with Meeting Room 365, please get in touch with your hardware vendor before reaching out, as the most difficult part (in addition to our fee) will be getting the hardware vendors to provide documentation and resources for the integration.

Magtarget Case Integration

We support integration with the Magtarget Visualtarget series of cases via status tones, which are played through the device's speaker. Android, iPad Mini, Air, new iPad & iPad Pro are supported. Light or slim versions with integrated PoE and Wired data are available, with different brackets and mounts to meet your needs.

Updated on: 20/11/2020

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