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How Exactly does Motion Detection Work?

Here are the precise rules which govern how motion detection works with Meeting Room 365, Via our IFTTT or integrations:

Whenever you ping the webhook (via a motion detection event, in IFTTT or, it tells our system there was motion detected in your room. This updates a value for the time motion was last detected in the room. When checked, if there was motion in the room in the last 6 minutes, it is marked as occupied by presence detection (we believe there is somebody in it).

Every 1.5 minutes, we check to determine the presence of lack of presence in a room.

If display is available but room is occupied, and time is available, do an instant reservation for 15m

If the room is occupied and there is a meeting (display is occupied) and the current meeting ends in less than 7 minutes, extend the reservation

If there is a check-in timer and room is occupied, check in to the current meeting (same as pressing button)

If meeting started >10m ago and room is available (IFTTT), end early


You can configure the advanced configuration option noAutomatedCheckins set to true to disable:

Automated instant reservations, if a room is occupied
Automated meeting extensions when a meeting is in progress, if a room is occupied
Automated meeting check-ins, if a room is occupied

Updated on: 18/02/2023

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