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Display Key vs. Legacy App Key: Which one to use?

Display Key vs. Legacy App Key: Which one to use?

We have upgraded our iOS and Android apps to use more reliable, but less customizable native elements in some portions of the display. This allows us to better support a range of devices that may not perform well using the standard app, which is based on a webview.

However, to maintain 100% compatibility through the upgrade process, we are making this something you can try and opt-in to. By default, your app will update from v1.0.28 to v1.1.1+, and your key will be converted to a Legacy App Key, which instructs the app to continue to work exactly as it previously did, with no major changes. This instructs the app to load the Webview.

If you choose to enter your key as a Display Key instead of a Legacy App key, it will use the new experience. This provides many of the same theme and customization options, without using a full webview and applying CSS customizations or custom scripts.

If you have any confusion about which to choose, know that there is no one "best" option for all scenarios. Some users will see better performance from one mode or the other, or better reliability. While others will rely on custom scripts or theme changes only available in the webview (Legacy App Key).

This is designed to add more flexibility to accommodate more devices.

Updated on: 17/12/2022

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