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Automatically add a Teams meeting to each Office 365 Instant Reservation

Configure a Meeting Room 365 Display to automatically add a Teams meeting URL to each instant reservation made from the tablet:

If enabled, this will add a Teams for Business meeting automatically to each instant reservation.

This should work similarly to the Office 365 setting that already exists, to add teams meetings automatically to each new event on the room. This can be deployed in tandem or separately from this Office 365 setting.

Make all meetings Teams meetings

Note: Custom reservations are not yet supported.

The advanced configuration key required for each display configuration is:

onlineMeetingProvider: 'teamsForBusiness'

Feel free to reach out if you'd like help configuring this: we can do it in bulk from our end.

Configure Office 365 Resources to automatically add Teams meetings to each scheduled event:

Make all meetings Teams meetings

Sign in to Outlook Web Access as your Resource Mailbox
Follow the instructions below for Outlook on the web

At the top right of the screen, select Settings, Settings button and then View all Outlook settings at the bottom right.

Select Calendar > Events and invitations > Add online meetings to all meetings.

Select Add online meeting to all meetings

You may then have to select your provider, which is TeamsForBusiness

Select Save.

Updated on: 22/09/2022

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