How to Share Screen on Teams

How to Share Screen on Teams
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One of the best features available on Microsoft Teams is the ability to share screens with other meeting participants.

Team members can begin sharing their screen content directly from the web, desktop, and mobile versions of Microsoft Teams by selecting the Share icon.

In today’s guide, we’ll cover all the steps to learn how to share screen on Teams from different devices and platforms.

What’s the Share Content Feature in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams has a Share Content feature that allows participants to showcase their device content with others.

Sharing your screen on Teams is a great way to make meetings more dynamic and quick, which provides many advantages to organizations that use Microsoft Office products.

Microsoft Teams Meeting Screen Sharing Features

There are four different ways to use screen share features on Microsoft Teams.

The following options help you to enable a shared screen on the MS Teams App and Client depending on your needs:

Sharing Option



Allows you to display everything visible on your screen to others in the meeting or call.


Allows you to share a specific open window or application with meeting participants, ensuring you can focus on sharing only relevant content without revealing your entire screen.

Whiteboard Collaboration

Provides a collaborative whiteboard platform, such as Microsoft Whiteboard, where all participants can sketch, draw, and collaborate together.

PowerPoint Live

Enables you to share a live view of a PowerPoint presentation, allowing participants to follow along in real time.

How to Share Screen on Microsoft Teams Desktop App & Browser

The steps to sharing screens on Microsoft Teams computer clients (browser and desktop app) are very similar.

Follow these three steps to complete the screen-sharing process on Microsoft Teams for computer users (Windows and Mac).

Step 1: Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Launch Microsoft Teams and go to the Calendar option. Here, select New Meeting and select the “Join Now” button to proceed.

Step 2: Select Microsoft Teams Share Content Button

After joining the meeting, you will see the screen sharing icon at the upper right corner of the meeting window.

Mac users may need to grant sharing permissions to the Microsoft Teams App.

After clicking the Share Button, you will be redirected to System Preferences. Here, select the Teams application on the apps listed on the screen, and grant Teams with permission to share your screen.

Step 3: Start Sharing Screen with Other Meeting Participants

After enabling screen recording permissions, select the type of screen-sharing feature that suits you the most.

You can select “Screen” to share all the apps and your whole desktop screen, or select “Window” to share a specific app or specific window with other users. Alternatively, you can also choose PowerPoint sharing, which will redirect you to a screen where you need to click on a PowerPoint file to proceed.

How to Share Screen on Teams Mobile App (Android and iOS)

If you have an iOS mobile device or Android phone, these are the steps to follow to share your screen during a Teams meeting:

  1. Open the Teams mobile app and create or join an existing meeting.
  2. Tap the three dots inside the meeting and select the sharing icon on the bottom tab.
  3. You will have three options: share photos, share videos, or share screen. Select share screen and start broadcasting your phone screen’s info.

How to Share Screen on Microsoft Teams Chat

There is a third alternative to share screen on Microsoft Teams, which consists of doing so via the Teams chat. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Microsoft Teams, go to the Chat section, and select the user who you want to share your screen with.
  2. Look for the screen share option at the top bar of the chat feature.
  3. Select Window to screen share a specific app, or Desktop to share the entire screen.
  4. The portion of the screen you are sharing will appear surrounded by a red border.

How to Manage Screen Sharing Meeting Controls on MS Teams

It is also possible to manage share screen control with other users in real time. These are the meeting control options while sharing your screen on Microsoft Teams:

  1. Microsoft Office 365 admins must enable the “Allow an external participant to give or request control (a per-user policy)” via the Admin Center so team members can use MS Teams sharing options.
  2. Other participants of the meeting can select the “Request Control” option to take over the screen-sharing feature while it is enabled on a video call.
  3. The Meeting Organizer can go to the Sharing Toolbar and select the name of a person to give them screen control of the feature. When done, the organizer can regain control of the feature by clicking the “Take back control” option.

How to Stop Sharing Screen on Microsoft Teams

The steps to stop presenting your screen to other users on Microsoft Teams are quite simple to follow:

  1. While sharing your screen, go back to the Microsoft Teams meeting (mobile app or computer client).
  2. Look for the “Stop Sharing” icon, which should appear right on the meeting window.
  3. Select “Stop Sharing,” and the broadcast will immediately stop.

Summary: How to Use Microsoft Teams Screen Sharing Feature

Sharing your screen on Microsoft Teams is effortless - let’s make a quick recap of the most important factors to have in mind before you share your screen with other users:

  1. Sharing Screen Options: Microsoft Teams members can share a PowerPoint presentation, a whiteboard, their full screen, or just a portion of their screen via the Desktop app. The mobile app allows users to share images, videos, or the phone screen.
  2. Share Screen Control: Admins must enable screen sharing control before Teams users can access all features. Likewise, the screen sharing control can be managed by multiple users during a meeting by requesting and granting control permissions.
  3. Stop Sharing Screen: To stop sharing the screen on Teams, simply select the “Stop Sharing” button, and that’s it.


Can You Share Computer Sound via Microsoft Teams Meeting?

Yes, you can choose whether to share or not to share sound while on a Teams meeting. To do this, toggle on the “Include Computer Sound” switch (desktop) or the “Audio” switch (mobile device) to enable the sound that comes from your phone or desktop apps.

Can You Share a Second Monitor on Microsoft Teams?

Yes - if you have a second monitor on your computer, you will see an option to share it right after selecting the screen sharing button on Microsoft Teams.