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iPad / iOS Setup Guide

This guide covers device setup after you have installed and configured the Meeting Room 365 app. If you have not yet gotten to this step, check out our Getting Started Guides.

Provision Tablets

First, you will need to setup your iPad to act as a meeting room display.

Setup display to Never Lock

Our latest iOS app (1.0.23+) now manages this for you, and does not require you to change lock settings. You can skip this section if you have updated to the latest version of our app.

Navigate to Settings, and select Display & Brightness. Next, adjust the brightness to your desired level, and set “Auto-Lock” to “Never”. This will prevent the display from powering off when idle.

Optionally, you may want to lock orientation by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and enabling lock orientation.

Enable Guided Access Mode

Next, you’ll enable “Guided Access mode”. This locks down your tablet so it can be used as a Kiosk.
From the settings menu, click General, and then Accessibility.

Next, scroll to the bottom, and click “Guided Access”.

Next, enable Guided Access, and (optionally), set a passcode. This will require a passcode to unlock your device from Kiosk mode. Note: this is a separate passcode than your tablet pass code.

On iOS 12+, you will need to complete an On iOS 12, I am having an issue with Guided Access Mode and brightness settings to resolve a guided access functionality change.

Enter Guided Access Mode

Next, you’ll want to enable Guided Access mode. Make sure you have your Kiosk Application open before proceeding.
To do this, press the home button three times. You’ll get some options.

Make sure you don’t set a time limit. Press Start.

You may be asked to create a PIN. Remember it, this will be required to unlock your iPad.

To exit kiosk mode, press the home key three times (again), and enter your pin.

Congratulations! Your device has been provisioned.

Updated on: 06/01/2020

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