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Setting up a Restaurant Sign-in Kiosk

About the Restaurant Sign-in Kiosk

This app is free of charge, and does not require you to sign up for a Meeting Room 365 account.
Washington State (and soon to be many other states and localities) is now requiring all restaurants that reopen to log each guest visit, along with their contact details (email and phone number), so that in the event that a guest contracts Covid-19 (Coronavirus), the state can perform contact tracing based on reported guest activity.

For example, if a guest visits your restaurant at 12:00pm on a Sunday, and later contracts Covid-19, Washington State will want records of each customer who visited your establishment that day, and each employee who worked that day, so that they can trace the spread of the virus.

If your establishment (or establishments) receive many visitors, your reporting requirements could quickly become a time-consuming hassle. Pen-and-paper sign-in sheets may be the simplest solution, but without digital records, this could quickly get out of hand.

We heard about this, and realized that our existing Visitor Management app for offices had a lot of similarity, and could be quickly repurposed to help restaurants cope with these logging requirements.

So, we took a day off from our normal routine, and produced a very simple app to give away to restaurants, looking to reopen.

Washington State Requirements

Here is a link to the Reopening Guidelines from Washington State:

If the establishment offers table service, create a daily log of all customers and maintain that daily log for 30 days, including telephone/email contact information, and time in. This will facilitate any contact tracing that might need to occur.

Setting up a Restaurant Sign-in Kiosk

Picking a Device

We support a wide range of devices, including most tablets and smartphones. Our app runs on recent versions of iOS, Android, and Fire OS (Amazon Tablets), but you can easily repurpose older devices as well. You may need to run the Restaurant Sign-in Kiosk app in a web-browser, if our app is not available for your device.

How to set up your Tablet Kiosk

Download the Meeting Room 365 App from the App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon App Store (on your device)

App Store (iOS): Install App
Google Play (Android): Install App
Amazon App Store (FireOS): Install App

You can test it out now on your phone if you like!

When prompted, enter the display key "Dine In". This can be one word, two, capitalized, or not capitalized. Just make sure your device's spell check doesn't change either word.

Complete the on-screen setup for your tablet. This will require entering your email, and setting a PIN code to retrieve your guest visit log.

That's it! Your device is now ready to use. You can test out the device, and test out the process of retrieving visitor logs.
Optionally, you can continue with the section below, with resources for "locking down" your tablet.

Retrieving Your Visitor Logs

Retrieving your visitor logs is easy! Just click the Gear Icon (⚙️) in the upper right corner of the sign-in page, and enter your PIN. Your logs will be emailed to the address you provided when you set up the tablet.

For security purposes, this PIN and EMAIL cannot be changed. If you run in to issues, you will need to uninstall & re-install the Meeting Room 365 app.

Locking-down your tablet

This section is optional, but can help prevent customers from mis-using your tablet device.
If you cannot be around to supervise your tablet at all times, you can lock down your tablet into Kiosk Mode, so that no one can exit the Meeting Room 365 Kiosk app (iOS and Android devices only).


For Android, the Meeting Room 365 App will become the Homescreen Launcher for your device. You should not need to complete any additional steps.

However, for older versions of our app, or for web-based use, you can read our full Android Setup Guide here for more details on Pin Task Mode, and manual display / brightness / power settings.


For iOS, you will be enabling Guided Access on your device. You can read our full article here.

Using a Web-browser instead of the Meeting Room 365 App

You can use a web browser on any supported device, instead of the Meeting Room 365 app.

Just point the web browser to the URL below:

Web Link: (Restaurant Sign-in App)

Short URL:

One the app loads, you can Save the App to your Home Screen, if you like.

This creates a shortcut icon on your homescreen, just like a dedicated app.


From Safari, click the Share icon (📤), and then Add to Home Screen.


From the Default Android Browser, click on the Menu icon, and then Add to Home Screen.

Keeping your Tablet Clean & Sanitary

One concern you might have is keeping your tablet kiosk clean between visits.

The good news, is that most modern devices can be sanitized with readily-available cleaning equipment. Here are the recommendations for iOS and Android devices, straight from Samsung, and Apple.

Most manufacturers recommend sterilizing the glass screen with Alcohol Wipes, similar to these.

Cleaning your Tablet or Phone -- General Article

Cleaning your Device -- Samsung

Cleaning your Apple Device

Updated on: 13/05/2020

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