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IP Filtering

You can now set up IP-based Filtering for your Meeting Room displays!

When enabled, sensitive data API calls (such as listing events or statuses) will only be displayed when the IP matches the whitelist IP set in your display configuration as filterIp. This can be enabled in the advanced configuration editor.

How it Works

Once enabled, your data will only be accessible from the IP specified (we do not support advanced ranges or IP groups, this is meant for offices with a known static IP). Visiting the status board from another IP will drop displays (as if those displays did not exist), and visiting the meeting room display will show no events.

Finding your IP

If you're unsure which IP is exposed to our network, you can test it from our servers, by visiting:

Adding the Filter

You can add the filterIp setting to each of your display configuration(s) in the advanced configuration editor, to enable this option. Clearing the field or deleting it will remove this option.

Visit the Advanced Configuration Editor from your display

Insert or Append a new key called filterIp
Set the new key to your IP

That's it! Let us know if you have any questions!

Updated on: 09/11/2019

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