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How to run Meeting Room 365 on an IAdea meeting room display device (IAdea XDS-1078 and others)

You can run the Meeting Room 365 app on a variety of IAdea meeting room displays, with full support for the built-in LEDs that come with the device, and the IAdea AppStart player software.

We have tested the XDS-1078, however, instructions remain the same across a variety of devices, and versions of Android.

1. Update to latest Firmware

Check the IAdea website to install the latest firmware on your device.

You can download the latest firmware for your device, load it to a USB drive, and follow the instructions provided to update your device (estimated time: 10 minutes).

Meeting Room 365 fully supports Android 4.4.2, however, we recommend updating to Android 7 or later, where available.

2. Download Meeting Room 365 APK to a thumb drive

You can visit our APK download page to download our latest APK to a thumbdrive.

3. Visit the LED Test page on your device (optional)

We have set up an LED test page you can use to ensure your device is correctly set up to receive commands from the Meeting Room 365 app.

You can simply open this on your device in Chrome, once you have access to the homescreen.

You can access the homescreen of your device during boot by clicking three times, as indicated here, or in the image below:

4. Install Custom APK on your device

Click through to the instructions for your device to install a custom APK via the AppStart software.

5. Set custom APK in AppStart player:

You will need to update your AppStart player settings to point to our custom APK. The value for Package Name should be

6. Custom Meeting Room 365 display script to trigger LEDs:

Open your display in Meeting Room 365, and click "Advanced Config Editor". Then, create or edit a key on your config named script, and use the following value to add a custom script. Click "Save".

window.afterCorrectPositions=function(){var e,t=1;e=$(".meeting.current.empty").length?"green":"red","red"===e&&(e="#ff0000"),"green"===e&&(e="#00FF00"),t||(t=0),$.post("http://localhost:8080/v2/hardware/light",{id:0,name:"frame",brightness:t,color:e},function(e){console.log("Updated LED color. Response data:",e)})};

That's it!

Meeting Room 365 will now boot into Kiosk mode each time the tablet restarts, and the LED bars will match the occupied / available state of your meeting room display.

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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