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How to Localize your Meeting Room 365 Display

How to Localize your Meeting Room 365 Display

Customize language, time format, and other options

This guide covers localization and customization options for international clients (now over 40% of our user base!)

Customizing your Language

i18n file customization lets you update the strings displayed on your meeting room display. You can download an example i18n file (English), and use it to make your desired changes. Then, paste the result in your display configuration to see changes in real time.

This allows you to modify any of the strings visible in the display app.

If you'd like assistance completing a translation project for your desired language, let us know!

Examples and Existing Translations

We have put together a repository to consolidate translations as they are requested or contributed.

To submit updates to our existing localization files, or open a pull request on the GitHub repository listed below.

Collection of i18n files for the Meeting Room 365:

If you are interested in Contributing, you can use the POEditor web portal We will handle updating the localization files for the product for any incoming contributions, just let us know via support

We now use POEditor to keep track of internationalization efforts between multiple users, in a single web portal. You can take a look and contribute if you like.

Here’s an example of one we created for testing:

We translated our strings into French using Google Translate, for testing.Updated configuration:

You can download an example i18n file, and paste your translation into the web app.

- RTL support requires some custom CSS on our end & has not yet been attempted. Contact support if you would like to try it out!

Customize Time Format

Time format customization allows you to switch to a 24-hour date and time format.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

If you’re stuck, you can always send an email to Meeting Room 365, and we can help you out with setup, configuration, and provisioning.

Updated on: 13/04/2024

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