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Homescreen Launcher for Android Tablets

Enabling a Homescreen Launcher (Android)

On Android Devices (including Fire OS), you can assign Meeting Room 365 v1.0.20+ as a Homescreen Launcher, which gives automatically launches the app on boot, and replaces the Homescreen of the application. This is an essential component of running Meeting Room 365 in Kiosk Mode for many users.

Upon upgrade or installation of Meeting Room 365, you may be prompted to assign a new homescreen launcher for your device.

You can either ignore it, or assign Meeting Room 365 as your homescreen launcher (which replaces the normal home screen for your device).

This will prevent users from accessing most applications. However, you will need to enable Kiosk Mode to prevent users from swiping down, and accessing the settings menu.

Updated on: 06/01/2020

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