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Hidden Settings Menu & Persistent Log out function

Hidden Settings Menu & Persistent Log out function

We've hidden two "secret" functions in the app, that shouldn't be discoverable by end-users, but might become very useful for an administrator if something goes wrong on one of your tablets.

In the above example display, you'll notice that two areas are highlighted with a white box.

The Area containing the Room Name
The Area containing the Date & Clock

Use the instructions below to tap the areas in specific sequences to activate these two hidden features.

Log out of the app

You can log out of the app by tapping each area in an alternating sequence, within 10 seconds. Specifically, tap:

Clock -> Room Name -> Clock -> Room Name -> Clock

Which will trigger the Log out prompt:

Open the Settings Menu

You can open a settings menu, with a subset of available settings, plus a few extra admin features, by tapping twice on each item, in an alternating sequence. Specifically, tap:

Name, Name -> Clock, Clock -> Name, Name -> Clock, Clock -> Name, Name

This will bring up a settings menu with some useful options:

Updated on: 04/07/2019

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