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Getting Started with Display Joy

If you already have a Meeting Room 365 account using an email and password for authentication, there's no need to create a new account. Your current account credentials work on all of our products, including Display Joy!

What is Display Joy?

Display Joy is a brand new platform for Digital Signage, and the Fastest Way to get your Content on a TV!

This includes dashboards, news, social media feeds, images, video, and web-based content of all kinds.

What does it cost?

We're still working on this, and currently everyone is enrolled in a Free Beta who wants to try things out.

Setting up an account

Currently, you can sign up for a free Display Joy account at or use your existing Meeting Room 365 account to sign in to Display Joy & Create Digital Signage displays.

Setting up the App

Currently, we support the following platforms:

ASUS Chromebit
Google Chromecast (Including the 4k Ultra)
Amazon Fire TV devices (Including the Fire TV 4k Stick)
Android TV devices (including the Xiaomi Mi Box S)
Samsung Tizen-based Smart TVs
Raspberry Pi (Including the Raspberry Pi 4!)
Other devices with a web browser

Chromebit Setup

The URL for your device must be set to

Then, simply:
Set your browser to full screen &
Install the Keep Awake extension for Chrome OS
Follow the on-screen instructions

Note: Your device will not be "locked down". An unscrupulous user with their own keyboard/mouse and physical access to your device can access it and modify settings. An Enterprise License is required for Kiosk Mode (below)

Chromebit / ChromeOS Kiosk Mode

With a Google Enterprise license ($150 per device per year, via Google), you can enable ChromeOS / Chromebit devices to automatically boot into a specific app, in Kiosk mode.

Set up G Suite so you can use Google Admin, with at least one global administrator for managing devices
Purchase a Chrome license for each Chrome device you will be using
Set up Display Joy as a kiosk app using the Chrome device management tools
Enroll your Chrome devices. They will automatically launch the DisplayJoy app.

Chromecast Setup

For best performance, we recommend high powered devices typically rated for 4k content.

After creating your content, you can cast your content persistently using Display Joy to any Chromecast-enabled device (and it'll stay up, even when you disconnect).

Just open your display in the Display Joy Admin portal, and select Cast to Device from the menu on the top right.

Amazon Fire TV Setup

For best performance, we recommend high powered devices typically rated for 4k content.

Download our app from the Amazon App Store by searching for Display Joy, or asking Alexa to "Download the app Display Joy"

You can also download it from this URL: (Choose "Deliver to Fire TV Stick", etc)

You can also download and sideload our APK here:

When you open the display, follow the on-screen instructions to link your display to the Display Joy Admin Portal.

Android TV Setup

For best performance, we recommend high powered devices, such as the Xiaomi Mi Box S

Download our app from Google Play to your Android TV device, by searching for Display Joy from your TV on Google Play.

You can also download it from this URL: (Choose Install, and select your TV device).

You can also download and sideload our APK here: (Android Latest)

When you open the display, follow the on-screen instructions.

Raspberry Pi Setup

For best performance, we recommend testing on the Raspberry Pi 4.

The URL for our app is

Otherwise, the setup is similar to this guide:

Samsung Tizen Smart TVs

Note: Performance isn't usually great on Tizen-based devices, due to the low performance hardware used. However, for simple displays, this may not be an issue.

Entering your Device Key to pair your display

For all devices except Chromecast, you should be prompted with a device (Display) key, which is entered on the admin portal to pair your device.

You can do so here: after creating an account.

You can enter this uppercase or lowercase, and ensure you do not confuse certain digits (we never use the letter o, but do use the number 0).

Creating your First Digital Signage

If you're on Chromecast, you'll want to use the Admin Portal to create a new Display.

Otherwise, start on your device, and pair your display with your Display Joy account. Then you can start editing it from the admin portal.

You can think of your display in one of two ways:

Static Display (one screen)
Rotating Display (many screens are displayed in a loop)

We've created an editor interface to let you arrange these similar to the way you might create a presentation in Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google Slides. On the left-hand portion of the editor, you will see a list of slides, and on the right, you will see the "slide" you are currently editing.

By default, each slide is shown for 15 seconds. You can adjust this by editing the slide, and changing the Seconds to Display this slide.

Feeling Stuck? Reach out!

This is currently a beta product, and we encourage the active participation of our users. Please reach out and let us know if you have any feedback.


Updated on: 08/01/2020

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