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Display shows organizer’s name instead of subject

Display shows organizer’s name instead of subject

Solution to a common Office 365 & Exchange Resource Mailbox Issue

In Office 365 & Microsoft Exchange, by default, your resource mailbox won’t show your Meeting Subject. Instead, it replaces this with your organizer’s name. This occurs for privacy reasons, but it’s only the default. Most organizations opt to see meeting subjects instead.

Consider the following:

- A Resource mailbox is configured to AutoAccept in an Microsoft Exchange Server or Office 365 environment.
- You send a meeting request to the Resource mailbox.
- The meeting request is accepted automatically, and the meeting subject is displayed correctly in the organizer’s mailbox.

In this scenario, when you log on to the Resource mailbox, you see that the meeting subject is replaced with the organizer’s name.

Why is this happening?

This is default behavior for Exchange Web Services and Office 365. It occurs because two configuration parameters, AddOrganizerToSubject and DeleteSubject are set to $True.


The good news is, you don’t have to open PowerShell to update this setting. You can update it directly from the Meeting Room 365 admin portal.

Just click on the Utilities menu in the navigation bar of your dashboard (under your avatar), and then click on the PowerShell link.

Then, in the popup window, enter the email and password for your resource mailbox:

Don't check the box to "Keep Meeting Room Subjects Private" (this is if you want to undo the change).

This queues the display for PowerShell configuration in our system (which usually takes a few minutes).

Once this is completed, all new meetings scheduled on this resource mailbox will display their full subject, along with any other details you have configured to display. For existing meeting reservations, the damage is already done, and the subject has been deleted.

Prefer to do this manually?

We've written an updated guide covering this process: Fix Meeting Room Subjects (Office 365 - PowerShell)

View your current configuration (optional):

To view these value for the Resource mailbox, run the one of the following cmdlets:

For Exchange Server 2016, Exchange Server 2013 or Exchange Server 2010

Get-CalendarProcessing -Identity <RESOURCEMAILBOX> | FL

For Exchange Server 2007

Get-MailboxCalendarSettings -identity <RESOURCEMAILBOX>  

Update your Configuration:

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

For Office 365, Exchange Server 2016, Exchange Server 2013 or Exchange Server 2010 (PowerShell):

Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity <RESOURCEMAILBOX> -DeleteSubject $False -AddOrganizerToSubject $False

Exchange Server 2007 (PowerShell):

Set-MailboxCalendarSettings -Identity <RESOURCEMAILBOX> -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept -AddOrganizerToSubject $False -DeleteSubject $False


Updated on: 06/02/2023

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