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Creating a Room Without a Calendar (Breakout / Dibs room)

What's a Breakout Room?

Breakout spaces are an essential part of a creative and energized workplace. They help employees collaborate, brainstorm, and focus–and break up the monotony of the typical workday, keeping employees happy and productive.

Why do I need a Display?

Adding a display lets your employees know the status of the room, no matter where they are. Breakout Room statuses appear in the Room Finder, and can host a number of additional features, such as message banners, the Report an Issue feature, and even a Meeting Room Finder, so your employees can stay connected, even without a schedule.

How it Works

Think of a Breakout Rooms like an informal meeting room space. Instead of linking an Office 365 or G Suite calendar, they work independently, and do not allow reservations in advance. Anyone can grab an available room for a set amount of time (you set the limits).

This allows you to create alway-available space for breakout sessions, independent work, and phone rooms–all while providing the same amenities and features of a full-featured meeting room.

How to Create a Breakout Room

Creating a Breakout room in Meeting Room 365 is a breeze. Just select the `dibs`option from the Admin Portal, and give your room a name. We'll generate a complementary display key for the breakout room, which you can use to set up your tablet. It's that simple!

Additional Features

Breakout Rooms support the following features:

You set the length of a "Breakout Session"
You can add a logo to a Breakout Room
You can update the localization options (date, time, language)
You can customize the welcome message & room name
You can customize the look & Feel via CSS
You can enable the "Room Finder"
You can enable the "Report an Issue" button

Customization Options

We've handled customization as well. You can easily update colors, and add your logo, and localization options, using the same interface as when editing a Meeting Room display.

Read More

You can read more about this feature release in our recent Blog Post

Updated on: 18/06/2019

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