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Cloning Display Properties (Mass Deployment / Updates)

Applicable Scenario

Consider that your company has many, many meeting room displays. Or just a few, but they're all basically the same. Except a few key details change from display to display (such as the display name, email, and associated credentials).

It would be a bit of a pain to update all of these individually. So, we give you the ability to modify one display, and then clone all of that display's reusable properties to your other displays (on the same tenant domain).

How it Works

We start by making a copy of your display configuration, and stripping out certain details that should only apply to a single room (such as display name, email, key, type, hardware integrations, etc.

What's left is your behavior, styles, and theme settings.

Then, we apply those settings to every other display on your tenant domain.

This is perfect for large deployments, although it may not fit every need.


You should create a backup of your displays before proceeding.

Clone Display Properties

Pick a display to test your changes on
Make changes to that display
Open your updated display in the Meeting Room 365 admin portal
In the Account tab, click Clone Display Properties
All other displays on the same tenant domain will be updated. Your displays will restart automatically.

Updated on: 29/11/2019

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