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Brightness Schedule

This feature requires 1.0.22 of the Meeting Room 365 app (or later) to function.

We now allow all devices to adjust their brightness on a schedule, letting you configure a brightness level change (from 0, or dark, to 1, or full brightness) at any hour you choose.

This can be set in the Hardware tab of your display, under Brightness Schedule.

However, this might be a bit complicated, since you will be creating a schedule object that contains a list of hours, and the brightness setting you wish to apply.

This can also be set in the advanced configuration editor, or via CSV. The key for this feature is brightnessSchedule and the value is an object containing the hours and brightness levels (the display will set the brightness at least once to the specified value during the hour mentioned.

For the most common use-case, you can copy the following template:

{ "7": 1.0, "19": 0.1 }

In this example, the display would go full brightness at 7am, and back to 10% brightness at 7pm. You can adjust the 7 and 19 to any hour you like.

Note, when setting up this feature, you will only see brightness changes during the hours specified (if you set this example up at 1pm, you won't see a change until 7pm).

Setting a key in the advanced configuration editor

Visit the Advanced Configuration Editor from your display

Insert or Append a new key called brightnessSchedule
Set the value (right side) to { "7": 1.0, "19": 0.1 }

Advanced Configuration Example: Setting up a new key -> value pair

That's it! Feel free to reach out if you'd like to have us enable this for you.

Updated on: 08/02/2020

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