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Android Tablet Setup Guide

This guide covers device setup after you have installed and configured the Meeting Room 365 app. If you have not yet gotten to this step, check out our Getting Started Guides.

Provision Tablets

First, you will need to setup your tablet to act as a meeting room display.
We support native apps for most devices on Android, and you can also use any device with a Web Browser, in full-screen mode.

Enable Developer Options

This step is no longer required for users on app version 1.0.23 or later. The device will not sleep while the Meeting Room 365 app is open.

First, you’ll need to enable developer mode for your tablet, so you can complete the next step.
To do this, navigate to your Build Options screen under Settings.

Stock Android: Settings > About phone > Build number
Samsung Galaxy S5: Settings > About device > Build number
LG G3: Settings > About phone > Software information > Build number
HTC One (M8): Settings > About > Software information > More > Build number

Once you’ve found the Build number section of the settings, tap on the section 7 times. After two taps, a small pop up notification should appear saying “you are now X steps away from being a developer” with a number that counts down with every additional tap.

Set your device to never sleep when plugged in

This step is no longer required for users on app version 1.0.23 or later.

Next, under developer options, you will be able to setup your device to stay powered on and never sleep when plugged in. Once you have enabled Developer options, check the Stay awake box to keep your phone from sleeping while you have it plugged in. Of course, pressing the power button will still turn the screen off.

Enable Pin Task Mode

Next, you can enable pin-task mode to prevent your visitors from browsing away from your display.
To do this, navigate to Settings, and then Security. Screen Pinning should be an option listed near the end, under Advanced.

Tap Screen Pinnning, and flip the slider to on.

Next, tap the Square Overview Button, and find the application you want to pin.

Enter Pin Task Mode

Next, tap the pin icon in the lower-right corner. You will see a prompt confirming that you wish to use Screen Pinning. Click Start.

Your device is now pinned. To unpin, press and hold the overview button.

Congratulations! Your device has been provisioned.

Updated on: 06/01/2020

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