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Alternate App APK Package for Android

Alternate Android APK Package (Fully Kiosk Browser)


To increase compatibility to a wider range of Android 4.4.4 - Android 12 devices, we have white-labelled the Fully Kiosk app, and provide licenses to paying customers, upon request.

This can be used to solve persistent app crash issues, enable Samsung Knox configuration settings, and more.

You can download the APK for Android (and select Amazon Fire OS devices) here.

All current Fully Kiosk Browser help articles also apply to our version of the app.

You can test this app without limitation on as many production devices as you like. However, a watermark will appear on unlicensed devices using certain features and functionality (kiosk mode, autostart, launcher mode, etc.)

A license is required for customers who wish to utilize this app in production. Contact support for more details.

Note: you cannot purchase a Fully Kiosk license for this APK on your own, we purchase these licenses on your behalf, at no additional cost, when required.

Updated on: 11/02/2022

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